With your vehicle, you want to ensure that it is cared for in every way, and our service team is able to take care of that, but as always there are things you have to have some basic knowledge about when driving. One is knowing the signs and what might cause vehicle overheating. It's why at Gene Messer Lincoln Lubbock, we'd put together this guide on overheating for your edification.

How Do You Know Your Car is Overheating?

  • The check engine light comes on
  • The temperature gauge rises above the normal levels
  • You have reduced power
  • You smell a funny odor coming from your car
  • You see steam coming from under the hood

What Causes Your Car to Overheat?

  • You might have low coolant levels
  • There might be a coolant leak
  • You have a bad water pump in your vehicle
  • There's an issue with the thermostat

What Do You Do When Your Car Overheats?

  • Make sure to pull over to a safe space on the road if you're experiencing any of the signs of overheating and turn the engine and air conditioning off
  • Open the hood to allow the engine to cool, but don't touch it because it will be hot
  • Contact our service center and schedule service for your vehicle

How Can I Prevent Overheating?

  • Always make sure your coolant levels are topped off when necessary during auto service
  • Check your hoses in your vehicle for leaks and cracks

To learn more, stop in and see us in our service center and we'd be happy to set up an appointment and help you keep your vehicle in high working order today.

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